The Parish

The Parish is geographically large stretching from about 6 miles east of Acharacle to just past Roshven in the north, and incorporating all mainland west of those points. The people are welcoming, self reliant and full of life. There is a mix of those with local roots and incomers fleeing to a quieter environment. Good local facilities include medical care, a shop and a primary school in each village as well as community centres. The local High School is at Strontian and there is a bus takes the children there each day.

The main occupations are forestry, fish farming, crofting and tourism; to make ends meet many people have two jobs. In their spare time there is much to occupy. In the summer, midges permitting, there are many outdoor pursuits and in the winter there are so many events and activities that it is hard to find yourself idle of an evening.

The Presbytery (a group of local parishes) is huge - one of the largest in Scotland! The web-site is here

The Minister

Rev Fiona Ogg was ordained, and inducted to this parish on the 3rd of March 2012.

Fiona is delighted to be working and living in such a beautiful part of Scotland and amongst welcoming and friendly people. This is her first charge after studying and training around he Glasgow area. There is already much activity in both churches and Fiona hopes to build on the established links between the local community and the church.

She say, "I've always been involved, in some way of another, in church. Because of my husband's previous career, we moved frequently and I've had experience of worshipping in the Church of Scotland, the Church of England, Baptist and Methodist churches. I've also worshipped God in Roman Catholic chapels, a synagogue, Sikh gurdwara and a mosque.

Eventually, being involved in church and Christian life became a call to ministry. University and various work placements followed and now I've been called here. David and I have enjoyed settling into the two communities. Every day brings something new and life is never boring.

Fiona Ogg