Welcome to The Linked Parishes of Acharacle and Ardnamurchan!

On this page you will find basic information about our services. On other pages there is more information and various contact details. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more information or are visiting the area and would like to double check service times.

What's on 23rd March - 2nd April

Sunday 26th - Mothering Sunday - Worship at Acharacle in the Church Chalet at 11am and at Ardnamurchan Parish Church at 2pm
Monday 27th - Acharacle: Messy Church in Shielbridge Hall from 3.15-5.15pm. Explore Moses some more - thinking about the plagues and the parting of the seas.

Sunday 2nd April - Lent 5 - Worship at Ardnamurchan Parish Church at 11am and then at Acharacle in the Church building at 2pm

The London attack.

As ever, the church buildings are open for those who would like to sit in quiet for a moment of reflection.

Our communities may be geographically far from London but many of us have friends and or families there: we are all part of the same human family and we all hurt and weep alongside those directly involved.

Jesus wept along side his friends when they were in pain too.
Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people - the world is not perfect, and not as the Creator made it. But, in good and bad, God can be seen. Yesterday, God was seen in the response to the attack. God was in the care and compassion shown to the victims. God was in the hands of the first aiders and medics, the doctors and healthcare professionals. God is still working through the same people and is hurting and weeping with us.

This was not done in God's name but because a few people, a very few, turned from God and allowed evil to have a moment in the spotlight.

Bad news sells in the media; and so, many of the good deeds done yesterday and that will be done to those involved will not make the headlines. There will be less mention of all the passers-by who stopped to help, those families at home who are being supported by friends and family, or of the many acts of kindness that will be experienced. It's because these are exceptional acts that terror and evil hits the headlines. God works in the quiet unsung response - and that goes far beyond yesterday. God, however God is thought of, and good will overcome. His love endures forever.

Find a Parish -

To find us on a map why not try clicking on this link. 'Find a Parish' feature on the Church of Scotland web-site www.cos.churchofscotland.org.uk/church_finder/

Services -

Are usually at 11am and 2pm alternating at each church building on a weekly basis, except during the summer. Please see the notice boards outside each church for weekly information. Term-time Sunday School at Ardnamurchan Church, Kilchoan, is fortnightly at 11am on the days that worship is at 2pm.

General Information -

Visitors passing through Acharacle or visiting Kilchoan have been heard to ask, 'What do people do all day?' There is so much going on! Scenery to look at and clamber over, rivers to kayak down, fishing on lochs, rivers and the sea. Welcoming accommodation and fabulous food. Why not come and sample time in a beautiful remote and rural location?


If you are buying anything online would you consider buying through this website link? For each purchase made there is a donation to the churches - every penny counts! Thank you. It really is easy to register and contribute - try it.... www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/aandaparishes


There is a Foodbank in Fort William. Donations for the Foodbank can be left in each church, there is a dedicated box for donations, from where the goods will be collected and taken to Fort William. Tesco in Fort William has a dedicated 'bin' for donations.

Thinking of ministry?

Here's a link to the Church of Scotland page where there's a video about ministry today. http://bit.ly/1KDdbw8


The first photo is of the interior of Acharacle Church and the second of the exterior of Ardnamurchan Church at Kilchoan. Both pictures are available, for a donation, on a postcard from the respective churches. If you do want to copy these from the web-site please do consider getting permission first, thank you.

Acharacle Parish Church
Ardnamurchan Praish Church

Worship in March

(All, unless otherwise stated, all worship will be led by Rev Fiona Ogg)


Sunday 5th - 11am, Lent 1,
followed by a short communion

Sunday 12th - 2pm, Lent 2

Sunday 19th - 11am, Lent 3, led by Worship Leader, Jean Whitton

Sunday 26th - 2pm, Lent 4

(April 2nd - 11am)


Sunday 5th - 2pm, Lent 1,
followed by a short communion

Sunday 12th - 11am, Lent 2

Sunday 19th - 11am, Lent 3,
led by the Worship Group

Sunday 26th - 11am, Lent 4

Monday 27th - 3.15-5.15pm in Shielbridge Hall Messy Church

(April 2nd - 2pm)

... and more!

Monday 6th - 11.30am - 2pm
Church Lunch at Shielbridge Hall

Tuesday 14th & 28th -
10.30am - noon - teas and coffees in the Church Chalet

Bible Study in Acharacle Church Chalet on Mondays at 7pm.

All events - donation only, no set charges. Funds raised go to the maintenance of ministry in the Parishes.